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ECG Diagnostic Tool

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CARDIO provides professional-level analysis of ECG tracings from canine and feline patients.
Technicians can enter data from standard ECG strips. Printed reports are produced for the patient's record featuring:

BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Mean Electrical Axis
Highly accurate algorithm; identifies and flags right and left axis deviation.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Heart Rate
Mean and instantaneous rates calculated. Identifies and flags tachy- and bradycardias.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Chamber Enlargements
Descriptive comments with indications for each of the four cardiac chambers.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Conduction Abnormalities
1st, 2nd, 3rd degree block, bundle-branch block etc.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Rhythm Analysis
Recognizes classic and unusual arrhythmias.

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