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Multi-species Adjustable Formulary and Reference Manager
for DOS-based computers

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BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Patient Oriented
Patient-oriented drug information manager and dispensing tool. Ships with databases for dog, cat and bird.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Multi-Species
Automatically calculates amount of drug to be dispensed for up to 10 different species. Up to 5 species user-defined.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Multi-use Labels
Produces professional registered prescription labels; refill label system included. Labels also produced for fluid and transfusion therapy and food dosage.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Food dosage calculations
Calculates energy requirements and food dosages for dogs and cats. Add new and custom foods to the database as needed.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Fluid therapy calculations
Calculates fluid therapy volume dosage and constant-dose infusion dilutions for dogs and cats for quick and accurate preparations and dosage.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Customizable
Easily customized for an individual practice: add drugs, doses, foods, comments, even species! - change information as needed.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Extras
Ref+ electronic card catalog included to manage free-form information from journals, books, lectures, etc. Allows unlimited annotations. (DOS version only). Inventory control snap-in module available.
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