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Rx+ 2000 for Windows - $329.00
upgrades* from DOS versions: $199.00

please specify version of Windows (3.x, Win95, Win98, NT4.0)
CD-ROM or floppy disk, network or single-user install

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List prices for VetSoft DOS software:

BLUEBAL2.GIF (190 bytes) HEMO v 4.0 $595.00
BLUEBAL2.GIF (190 bytes) Rx+  v 2.5 $545.00
BLUEBAL2.GIF (190 bytes) CARDIO  v3.61 $395.00

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Product support:

VetSoft provides free telephone support for installation and question or problem resolution. Updates are free to new users if product is purchased within a year of update release, and are available at low cost thereafter. Registered users are advised of all new releases by mail.

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To Order:

Order by phone 530-753-7022
Order by fax 530-756-9448
Order by e-mail fstevens@aol.com
Order by mail VetSoft, 1418 Garrison St., Davis, CA 95616
BLUEBAL2.GIF (190 bytes) Order online (coming soon!)

Please provide name, address, city, state, zip, phone (with area code), product name, platform (DOS or Windows). Payable via bank card (VISA/Mastercard - include expiration date) or by check (payable to VetSoft). Products are shipped same day payment is received.

All prices are US dollars. Shipping and handling included in US. California residents add 7.5% sales tax.

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HEMO | CARDIO | Rx+ | Hardware Requirements

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comments and feedback are welcome!; e-mail: fstevens@aol.com
voice: 530-753-7022