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Clin-Path Expert System Diagnostic

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HEMO analyzes CBC, Chemistry, and UA results from canine and feline patients and produces diagnostic reports featuring:

BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Calculations
Reticulocyte production index, anion gap, adjusted calcium concentration, sodium/potassium ratios, absolute differential cell counts, etc.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Abnormality Lists
Abnormal results characterized as "very elevated" or "slightly depressed" thru six levels. Establish normal values for your own labs.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Diagnostic Pattern Matching
Describes anemias, abnormal leukograms, bilirubinemias etc. Lists supported and suspicious diagnoses.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Differential Diagnosis
Sorted, ranked list of supported syndromes and disease entities. Linked to specific abnormalities from test results.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Additional Tests List
Supports additional workup of case with suggested additional diagnostic tests.
BLANK.GIF (56 bytes)Sequential Results Reports
New feature shows changes in key values over time.
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