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Consulting and
Custom Software

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VetSoft has been providing consulting and custom software development services to the veterinary profession and beyond since 1982. Services include system design, configuration and installation, problem resolution, and specialized support issues. Custom software, often utilizing expert system technology, has been developed for veterinary professionals, institutions and interested individuals.

Some of our more notable clients for custom software include the Center for Equine Health, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Animal Blood Bank, Inc.

VetSoft is now also offering custom website development services for the veterinary profession.

Some of our website work can be seen at:
UC Davis Center for Equine Health,
Animal Medical Clinic of Bristol, TN,
Pacific Animal Hospital, Oceanside CA.

Please contact VetSoft directly at 530-753-7022 or via e-mail: fstevens@aol.com to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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comments and feedback are welcome!; e-mail: fstevens@aol.com
voice: 530-753-7022